Ultimate Strategies Mod


This mod makes alterations to the strategies and formations in SEIV Gold. The goal is to expand upon the strategic choices available to the player.

You can easily use the strategies in USM in the stock game, or some mods. View instructions on how to do this here.

Because formations are controlled by a data file and not changeable from within the game, this mod will allow PBW and PBEM users to play otherwise normal games with custom formations. You can view the formations in the mod here.

This mod also modifies the DefaultColonyTypes and DefaultDesignTypes files, to create more variety in the default selections.

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Download versions
File Version Size Release Date
USM v1.01.00 126 KB January 27, 2003
USM v1.00.01 124 KB January 11, 2003
USM v1.00.00 123 KB December 23, 2002


File Version Size
Readme v1.01.00 4.88 KB

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